Methods of Systematic review

Methods of Systematic review

Centre of Research Excellence in the Prevention of Fall-related Injuries (CRE-PFI)

Seminar 5 – Friday 2nd December 2022 (1-2pm)

Topic – Methods of Systematic review

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1:00pm Using Intervention Component Analysis and Qualitative Comparative Analysis in Systematic Reviews”

Dr Suzanne Dyer (CRE Researcher)

Dr Suzanne Dyer is a Senior Research Fellow at Flinders University. She has been conducting research in the public and private sector for over 20 years, with expertise in evidence-based medicine methodologies including health technology assessment, systematic reviews, meta-analysis and guideline development.  Suzanne is an author of 46 publications and 24 contracted research reports for government and NGOs, including the Cochrane Collaboration Review of Interventions for preventing falls in older people in care facilities and hospitals, two reviews conducted for the Aged Care Royal Commission and the Australian Clinical Practice Guidelines for Dementia. In her role with the CRE, Suzanne aims to improve the evaluation and interpretation of existing trial evidence for falls prevention strategies, contributing to improved recommendations and cost-effectiveness evidence for falls prevention approaches. She will also guide local South Australian clinicians on the evaluation of existing falls prevention strategies in hospitals. 

1:20pm “Intervention component analysis for fall prevention exercise in residential aged care.”

Mr Rik Dawson (CRE PhD candidate)

Rik Dawson is an experienced aged care physiotherapist. Rik was the owner of Agewell Physiotherapy, a practice that employed physiotherapists and occupational therapists in aged care across Australia. Rik is currently enrolled at Sydney University as HDR candidate where he is focusing on telehealth for older people under the supervision of Professor Sherrington and Dr Pinheiro. He will investigate the effectiveness, cost-effectiveness, and acceptability of physiotherapy led exercise programs delivered via telehealth for older Australians. This research will answer key questions about whether the role of technology can reduce falls, enhance mobility and quality of life of older people with and without dementia receiving aged care services in their home or in residential aged care.

1.30pm “Qualitative Comparative Analysis of Exercise Interventions for Falls Prevention in Aged Care”. 

Dr Jenni Suen (Research Associate in Rehabilitation, Aged and Extended Care)

Dr Jenni Suen is a Research Associate in Rehabilitation, Aged and Extended Care at Flinders University. She is an Early Career Researcher who completed her PhD in May 2021. Her research aims to improve access to care and/or quality of care for older people in the hospital, aged care, and the community. On behalf of the Falls CRE she conducts Intervention Component Analyses and Qualitative Comparative Analyses on interventions for falls prevention, collaborating with experts from University College London. She is also an Accredited Practicing Dietitian working in community private practice, at Cardiovascular Dietetics within Advanced Vascular Care.

1:40– 2:00pm Discussions/questions