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Professor Cathie Sherrington

Professor, Sydney School of Public Health, University of Sydney. Leads the 28-person Physical Activity, Ageing and Disability Research Stream within the Institute for Musculoskeletal Health (a partnership between the University and Sydney Local Health District) and is Deputy Director of the Institute. She has led or collaborated on 47 RCTs (18 with NHMRC funding) and 25 systematic reviews about exercise to prevent falls and enhance mobility. Scopus ranks her 3rd in the world for research into independent living and falls. She co-leads the physiotherapy group of the Global Fragility Fracture Network.

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Professor Stephen R Lord

A Scientia Professor at UNSW and NHMRC Senior Principal Research Fellow. He works in the areas of applied neurology, psychology, instability, falls and fractures in older people. He has co-edited a Handbook of Neurology on Balance, Gait and Falls and published 145 peer-reviewed journal articles, 3 reviews, four book chapters and nine other articles. He has received a Tomson Reuters Highly Cited Researcher Award ranking him among the top 1% most cited researchers internationally.

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Professor Maria Crotty

A Rehabilitation Physician who leads the Rehabilitation Studies Unit at Flinders University College of Medicine and Public Health, which undertakes research on treatments in rehabilitation. She is a clinician manager and Director of Rehabilitation in Southern Adelaide. Her particular expertise lies in running pragmatic clinical trials within rehabilitation and aged care settings and she has led trials on home rehabilitation, day rehabilitation, transition care and case conferencing, which have informed Australian funding models. Professor Crotty has extensive networks with clinicians, managers and policy makers working in aged care and in the disability and rehabilitation sectors.

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Professor Terry Haines

Head of School, School of Primary and Allied Health Care at Monash University. This follows his previous appointment as Director of Monash Health & Monash University Allied Health Research Unit, Monash Health. He has pursued work in the areas of falls prevention, implementation science and translation of evidence into policy and practice.

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Professor Julie Byles

Director of the Research Centre for Generational, Health and Ageing – a Priority Research Centre at the University of Newcastle. As a clinical epidemiologist, Professor Byles’ interests are in risk determination, health assessment, other health care evaluation, and measurement of health outcomes. As a Gerontologist and Fellow of the Australian Association of Gerontology, Professor Byles’ research interests in ageing include the role of health services, preventive activities, and treatments in maintaining quality of life for older people. Her work has included health assessment, medications used by older people, sleep disturbance, health effects of alcohol, nutrition screening and interventions, health and retirement, and prevention of falls in residential care.

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Professor Markus J Seibel

Professor of Endocrinology at the University of Sydney and the Inaugural Director of the Bone Research Program at Sydney’s ANZAC Research Institute. He has an extensive track record in basic and clinical research into musculoskeletal health and biology. In recognition of his substantial contributions to biomedical sciences and health, Markus was elected Fellow of the Australian Academy of Health & Medical Sciences in 2017. Since 1986, his research has been continuously funded through competitive grants and his work has been cited >20,000 times.

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Professor Ian Cameron

Prof Cameron is the Head of the John Walsh Centre for Rehabilitation Research, Faculty of Medicine and Health, University of Sydney. He is a Consultant Physician in Rehabilitation Medicine and the Chair in Rehabilitation Medicine, at the University of Sydney. His current research themes are injury, rehabilitation, and disability; specifically, disability and health in older people, musculoskeletal injury in compensable settings, and catastrophic injury (associated with severe long-term disability).

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Professor Jacqueline Close

A consultant in Orthogeriatrics at the Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney and Clinical Director of the Falls, Balance and Injury Research Centre at Neuroscience Research Australia. Her primary research area is falls in people with cognitive impairment and dementia and particularly the relationship of cognitive function to postural stability, falls and fractures. She also has an epidemiological interest in the impact of falls and injury to health service use and the way in which health services are designed to prevent and manage falls and injury in older people. She sits on a number of State and National committees in relation to Aged Health and is Co-Chair of the ANZ Hip Fracture Registry, Chair of the ACSQHC Clinical Care Standards Working Group for Hip Fracture.

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Professor Kirsten Howard

Professor of Health Economics in the Sydney School of Public Health at the University of Sydney. Her research focuses on methodological and applied health economics research. She has led the economic evaluations of a large number of intervention trials in kidney disease and falls prevention interventions, and has conducted many discrete choice experiments of patient and consumer preferences in areas as diverse as cancer screening, including benefit harm trade-offs, labour induction, aged care services, exercise interventions for older people, dialysis services and organ donation and allocation policy. She is Chair of the Economics Sub Committee of the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC) and a member of the PBAC.

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Professor Adrian Bauman

A professor of Public Health at Sydney University, Australian Prevention Partnership Centre leader in Implementation Science and scale up evaluation and leader of the Sydney-based World Health Organization Co-ordinating Centre on Physical Activity. He is very widely published in physical activity and public health research. He brings:  epidemiological expertise in use and analysis of cohort and intervention data, interpretation and policy-translation of physical activity evidence, experience in research and practice-based methods for research translation, including the design and evaluation of communications research and assessing the reach of physical activity and exercise evidence into professional and public arenas and into policy and practice, management of scale up and research translation projects. He has broad collaborative relationships nationally and internationally.

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