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This report outlines a number of Stepping On evaluation studies and related publications.

Sherrington C., Lord S., & Clemson L.  (2023) Stepping On scale up in NSW: evaluation studies and related publications. Stepping On scale up in NSW

Falls in Older People. (2021). In S. Lord, C. Sherrington, & V. Naganathan (Eds.), Falls in Older People: Risk Factors, Strategies for Prevention and Implications for Practice (pp. I-Ii). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.


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Pinheiro, M.B., Oliveira, J.S., Baldwin, J.N. et al. Impact of physical activity programs and services for older adults: a rapid review. Int J Behav Nutr Phys Act 19, 87 (2022).

A number of our CRE members authored this rapid review. We systematically identified and extracted data from trials testing physical activity programmes and services for older adults. The details of the studies included in this review are available in the searchable Excel spreadsheet available below. Instructions are included in the spreadsheet.

WHO_PA_OlderAdults_searchable database_2021-12-09_Final_protected