Co-design fall strategies

Co-design fall strategies

Co-design fall-injury prevention interventions and implementation strategies

Implementing supported referral to community-based fall prevention exercise into osteoporosis clinics

Researcher Dr Juliana S Oliveira (Postdoctoral Research Fellow)


The Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI) have rolled out over 30 Osteoporosis Re-fracture Prevention (ORP) programs across NSW

The new ORP model of care initiative provides a unique opportunity to implement a systematic but tailored approach to the promotion of fall prevention exercise

Currently, these services focus more on medication prescription than referral to exercise for fall prevention.


Explore barriers and enablers for referral and access to evidence-based fall prevention exercise across ORP clinics

Develop a tailored implementation strategy to support clinicians to implement referral pathways into daily practice


Grants awarded

Women’s Health Research Translation Network. Early and Mid-Career Researcher Funded Award. $15,000

The Australia & New Zealand Musculoskeletal (ANZMUSC) Clinical Trials Network Seed Funding Research Scheme. AU$ 20,000